SCHOTT is a specialty glass expert that has been supplying the medical industry with high-quality components for decades. Our products illuminate, transfer images, connect, and protect sensitive electronics. Examples include fiber optic and LED systems for medical devices as well as hermetic and autoclavable electrical connectors. SCHOTT components deliver superior reliability and add new features to medical devices and systems, helping increase their functionality. SCHOTT works collaboratively with customers to develop high-performance medical equipment to help doctors work with greater precision and enable manufacturers to maintain competitive standing in global markets.

SCHOTT has more than 130 years of outstanding development, materials and technology expertise and offers a broad portfolio of high-quality products and intelligent solutions. SCHOTT is an innovative enabler for many industries, including the appliance, pharmaceutical, electronics, optics, automotive, and aviation industries. SCHOTT strives to play an important part of everyone’s life and is committed to innovation and sustainable success. The group maintains a global presence with production sites and sales offices in 34 countries. With its workforce of approximately 16,200 employees, sales of $2.54 billion were generated in fiscal year 2018/2019. www.us.schott.com.


Stereo Microscopes are used for life science, material science, and clinical routine industrial inspection tasks. The better the object is illuminated, the more details become visible in microscopy.

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging delivers fiber optic and LED technologies to help redefine the boundaries of medical innovation, and provide deeper insights in helping medical experts see more of what is relevant to their diagnoses and therapies.

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging has the capabilities and knowledge available to assist customers in finding the perfect fiber optic solution for sensor, metrology, and control applications. SCHOTT specialists will work with customers to jointly draw up an action plan addressing each stage leading to series production.

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers high tech materials and components for enabling the defense and security industry to develop night vision, display, sensor, and other technologies that are smaller, lighter, and more effective.

The perfect lighting sets the atmosphere of any aircraft cabin. SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging aims to use natural lighting with different intensities and color shades to create a perfect lighting mix with an unmatched overall impression and atmosphere.

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging has more than two decades of expertise in OEM and Tier1 solutions for the automotive industry. Available solutions include functional and ambient lighting for automobile interiors, optoelectronic sub-systems for head and taillights, and fiber optic components for in-car infotainment.


Improving Navigated Surgery’s Optical Tracking Reliability And Accuracy With Hermetic LEDs
The success or failure of surgical navigation is mostly influenced by a single aspect: the accurate representation of instrument positioning. Without this, the procedure and safety of the patient could be compromised. Hermetically sealed LED modules enable optical tracking technologies with reliable precision.  Continue Reading..
Advanced Fiber Optics Enhance Visualization For Robotic Surgery
For robotic surgery, light guides made from specialty glass fibers can deliver the high-quality light needed to provide a realistic and clear view of the surgical field.  Continue Reading..
Lighting The Way For Advanced Robotic Surgery
High-tech, robotic surgical systems are commonly used in many hospitals today. The surgeon who controls the instruments must have a clear view of the surgical field. SCHOTT PURAVIS® glass fibers offer a pure white light guide solution with excellent color rendering for such surgical applications.  Continue Reading..
UV Sterilization: Eliminating Bacteria Using Advanced LED Technology
UV radiation is the only sterilant that directly destroys the DNA of bacteria and other contaminants. Hermetically sealed LEDs provide a viable alternative to conventional UV technologies.  Continue Reading..
DSC_0871_blau_2 (2)
Fiber Optics Can Do That?
Rigid and flexible fiber optic image guides offer a powerful way to manipulate image planes and achieve remote viewing.  Continue Reading..
Enabling Vision Restoration With Glass Encapsulation
NanoRetina announces successful preliminary results for its NR600 Artificial Retina Device using SCHOTT Primoceler’s glass laser bonding technology.  Continue Reading..
SCHOTT image
Helping Light-Based Medical Diagnostic Technologies Shine During A Pandemic
COVID-19 and other pandemics increase the need for light-based medical instruments such as airway endoscopes and in vitro diagnostic devices while also bringing a wave of innovation in these areas.  Continue Reading..
Sizes implant comparison photo
The Future Is Now: How Glass Micro Bonding Enables A New Era Of Ultra-Reliable Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging
Innovative Glass Micro Bonding sealing technology is enabling unprecedented miniaturization and wireless signal transmission for medical implants, MEMS devices, and other electronic and optical devices.  Continue Reading..
Medical Device Design & Manufacturing Challenges: 2020 And Beyond
Medical device manufacturers and designers must overcome various challenges to succeed in an expanding global marketplace, challenged along the way by aspects of design, research, validation, and bringing their devices to a competitive market in a cost-effective manner.  Continue Reading..
Implantable Technology Breakthrough
SCHOTT Primoceler’s bonding process used in a collaboration with Geissler Companies and IRD Glass - Development of safer, non-magnetic implant Implantable devices can be safely encapsulated in miniature all-glass packages using SCHOTT Primoceler’s room-temperature bonding process that allows the use of heat-sensitive materials. This opens the possibility for non-magnetic materials to be used in implantable electronics, which have...  Continue Reading..
SCHOTT® Luminous Diffusers Excel For NIR Wavelengths
New SCHOTT® Luminous Diffusers are a high-performance laser delivery solution for light-based therapies. The glass-based diffusers uniquely combine extremely homogenous light output with the ability to efficiently transmit all wavelengths, including the important near-infrared (NIR) band, with high power throughput up to 20 W.  Continue Reading..
A New Lighting Era For Single-Use Endoscopes
Plug-and-play technology advances disposable endoscopes by enabling fast and easy installation of glass fiber optic illumination.  Continue Reading..
Laser Diffuser Technology Propels Light-Based Therapies Forward
Advanced diffusers can meet the needs of light-based therapies by combining extremely homogenous light output at high powers with the ability to transmit visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths with high efficiency.   Continue Reading..
SCHOTT’s Laser-Diffusing Technology Enables More Effective Light-Based Therapies
SCHOTT’s high-performance glass-based diffusers radiate laser light extremely homogeneously and efficiently, enabling more effective medical treatments. The patent-pending laser-diffusing materials are available in various geometries, including cylindrical, front emitting, spherical and special shapes. Ideally suited for light-based medical treatments such as photodynamic therapy or laser-induced thermal therapy, laser diffusers support...  Continue Reading..
Spark detection
How A Tiny Fiber Can Prevent A Large Explosion
For flame and spark detection, fiber optics offer an electric-free, safe, flexible, customizable, and efficient way to transfer light from any position to a sensor kept away from hazardous environments.  Continue Reading..
Mastering The View Into Tricky Environments: Find Your Answer In Fiber Optics
Glass imaging fiber optics offer a versatile way to see into hazardous environments, allowing cameras to be kept in safe places or providing an all-optical backup view that doesn’t require power.  Continue Reading..
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How Fiber Optics Can Ensure Grain Quality, Keep Milk Safe, And Make Pretzels Crispy
Fiber optics offer a food-safe way to perform continuous spectroscopic analysis in challenging food production environments such as liquids, hot ovens and tight spaces.  Continue Reading..
WFB setup
Fiber Optic Image Bundles Provide A Solution When High Tech Approaches Fail
Wound Fiber Bundles offer a passive way to transfer images from remote locations even when power isn’t available. The technology can be used in extreme environments and to view hard-to-access areas.  Continue Reading..
PatientComfort_Fiberrods (002)
How Can Extreme Geometries Solve Dental Light Delivery Challenges?
New fabrication technology is enabling rigid fiber light guide geometries that were previously impossible. This advancement is enabling smaller instruments and new designs for dental handpieces featuring illumination and curing devices.  Continue Reading..
Surgeons See More With Optical Fibers
Fiber Optics Drive Innovation In The Operating Room
Used in the operating room for decades, optical fibers continue to enable new devices for minimally invasive surgeries and light-based disease detection that are enhancing the application of optics in modern medicine.  Continue Reading..


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  • Transistor Outline (TO) Sensor Headers, Caps, And Packages

    The Transistor Outline (TO) package is an industrial standard that regulates the design and size of current-conducting microelectronic packaging and housings consisting of a TO header and a TO cap. SCHOTT offers TO headers for enabling encapsulated components to be provided with power, and a TO cap for enabling the smooth transition of optical signals.

    Click here to see the full portfolio of our TO Plus® packages.

  • Redefining LED Cabin Lighting: SCHOTT HelioJet

    SCHOTT has collaborated with Lufthansa Technik on cabin interiors, with SCHOTT focusing on fiber optics technologies and LED illumination, and Lufthansa Technik concentrating on lighting control, certification, and validation and provides installation, maintenance, repair, and overhaul services.

  • Autoclavable Eternaloc® Connectors And Sensor Housings For Medical Applications

    SCHOTT Electronic Packaging manufactures custom-made, hermetically-sealed, autoclavable Eternaloc® connectors and feedthroughs made with Glass-to-Metal Sealing (GTMS) or Ceramic-to-Metal Sealing technology (CerTMS®). SCHOTT also produces provide sensor housings offering complete protection with a hermetic seal that helps prevent moisture from seeping into the the housing and causing damage and corrosion to internally-housed electronics components. A wide selection of Transistor Outline (TO) housings are also available.

  • Glass Micro Bonding Benefits And Applications

    SCHOTT Electronic Packaging and Primoceler Oy have joined forces to expand current hermetic packaging portfolios with pioneering glass micro bonding technology. This process enables the manufacture of vacuum-tight, ultra-miniature electronic and optical devices with superior reliability. This bonding method is based on laser technology and can be completed without any heat or added materials.

  • ColdVision Series For Machine Vision And Microscopy Illumination

    The ColdVision series from SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging is composed of an extensive array of light sources, fiber optic guides, and accessories designed to work seamlessly with each other for illumination purposes in machine vision and microscopy applications. 

  • Autoclavable SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs For Medical And Dental Devices

    SCHOTT Electronic Packaging offers an array of sterilizable LED modules for the fulfillment of lighting needs in harsh environment applications, including and especially devices used in the medical field that must undergo repeated sterilization processes. 

  • SCHOTT Fiber Optic Faceplates

    SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers a series of fiber optic faceplates designed for high-resolution, “zero thickness” image transfer applications such as CCD and CMOS coupling, LCD and OLED displays, image intensification, remote viewing, field flattening, and X-ray imaging. 

  • HermeS® Hermetic Through Glass Via (TGV) Wafer For MEMS Devices

    SCHOTT Electronic Packaging offers the HermeS® glass substrate wafer with hermetically sealed solid “Through Glass Vias” (TGV) designed to enable fully gastight and long-term robust enclosures for MEMS devices such as industrial hermetic MEMS sensors, medical MEMS, and RF MEMS. It features fine-pitched vias that allow for reliable conduction of electrical signals and power into and out of MEMS devices.

  • SCHOTT® Image Guides For Flexible Imaging Applications

    SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers a series of Image Guides for medical devices that include customization options for higher resolutions, end surface coatings, and many other options depending on the needs of each application. The latest developments for these image bundles include 6 μm higher resolution images, a larger active visibility area, and a superior image quality with zero optical inclusions in the center zone.

  • Medical Light Sources And Components

    SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging delivers medical light sources to help redefine the boundaries of medical innovation, and provide deeper insights in helping medical experts see more of what is relevant to their diagnoses and therapies. 

  • PURAVIS® Eco-Friendly Glass Optical Fibers

    The PURAVIS® eco-friendly glass optical fibers from SCHOTT are designed for outstanding transmission of white light, even for long length applications. This “green” product is manufactured in an entirely environmentally friendly manner, including the entire proprietary manufacturing process, making the fibers automatically compliant with the EU directives RoHS and REACH.


  • How Autoclavable LEDs Enable New Medical Device Designs

    In an ever-evolving medical landscape, innovative designs can make all the difference in gaining a competitive advantage for device manufacturers. SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs can withstand thousands of steam sterilization cycles, opening a wealth of new design options for device engineers.

  • SCHOTT Eternaloc® Connectors For Medical Applications

    Electronics in medical applications require continuous power and signal transmission for reliable performance. However, the medical connectors that enable these functions are a potential weak point.

  • Benefits Of Autoclavable LEDs vs. Conventional LEDs For Medical Applications
    Medical devices must be steam sterilized between procedures to enable safe reuse. The harsh conditions of the autoclave are adversarial for traditional LED light sources, but hermetically-sealed SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs are up to the challenge: Tests have proven they can withstand more than 3,500 autoclaving cycles.
  • Introducing SCHOTT Diagnostics

    SCHOTT is the ideal partner for customers in optical diagnostics due to a wide range of products and services using pristine materials with advanced application experience.

  • Introducing Fiber And Diffuser Technologies For Laser Beam Delivery

    At Photonics West 2018, Jürgen Hammerschmidt of SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging introduced an array of fiber and diffuser technologies for laser beam delivery, especially for medical device applications. Watch the video for more information about their side emitting diffusers, end emitting diffusers, radial diffusers, and emitting fiber rods.

  • Available Autoclavable SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs
    With three unique and fully customizable base designs, autoclavable SCHOTT Solidur® LEDs offer near-limitless integration possibilities for medical devices.
  • Product Video: Stabilized LED Light Sources For In Vitro Diagnostics

    At Photonics West 2018, Ralf Daferner of SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging introduced their stabilized LED light source for in vitro diagnostic systems. This extremely flexible light source provides no interruptions or downtimes, and offers very stable output over its lifetime. Check out the video for more information.


  • High-Precision Specialty Glass and Lighting Diagnostics

    Specialty glass and lighting can help today’s diagnostic techniques to reach fast and precise results while keeping the process cost-efficient. This material is extremely versatile and pliant in sizes up to 30 micrometers. The high transparency and a low autofluorescence in substrate materials such as BOROFLOAT 33® and the new D 263® bio are taking diagnostic applications a major step forward. Flexible light guides made up of high purity PURAVIS® optical glass fibers as well as innovative light sources ensure that objects are precisely illuminated. SCHOTT also offers SCHOTT NEXTERION® substrates that are able to adhere to DNA, proteins, or cells for microarrays.

  • An Interior Skyline: Automotive Ambient Lighting

    The driving experience has recently grown from a form of transportation from point A to point B into a safe space of leisure and activity. Equipping the automobile with ambient lighting can create an entirely new sense of space. SCHOTT has developed an array of fiber optic components specifically for such lighting concepts.

  • Seat Illumination Brochure

    SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers LED and fiber optic lighting systems for cabin interior designs for airlines. Two available technical options for design lighting include a pure LED solution, and a combination of LED and fiber optics. Through the technical approach of having light guides and light sources separated, customized illumination can be created even if space is limited. SCHOTT’s flexible modular reading lamp system offers cabin designers maximum flexibility and minimal risk.

  • SCHOTT® High Resolution Image Inversion Brochure

    SCHOTT offers fiber optic image inverters that are primarily used in night vision image intensifier tubes, as well as any other application requiring the correction of an inverted image. These image inverters flip the image 180 degrees, minimizing the size and complexity of a night vision eyepiece assembly.

  • SCHOTT® Universal Light Guides “EP” Brochure

    The Universal Light Guide features excellent transmission and a long lifetime, making it ideal for endoscopy and other demanding medical illumination applications. These light guides are extremely versatile and may be used with various endoscopes and light sources through the use of threaded proximal and distal end tips.

  • The Inner Beauty: Creating Ambience For Automotive Interiors

    Consumer requirements for the interior of vehicles continuously grow and change with the times. High-tech glass and fiber optics are creating a distinct ambience and are opening the door to new possibilities for automotive designers. The challenge occurs when there is a need to keep the overall weight of the vehicle as low as possible to keep electric cars running longer.

  • Clinical Diagnostics Brochure

    Modern laboratories rely on robust lighting systems, especially with fiber optics and various light sources, to conduct tests within clinical diagnostic instruments. SCHOTT offers components that add versatility to analytical instruments that contribute to technological advancements in diagnostics. They also offer long-term experience in the medical industry, ISO quality management, a global network of experts, and the highest level of supply reliability. By combining SCHOTT knowledge and expertise with customer ideas, innovative products are derived on a complete optical design analysis.

  • PURAVIS® Eco-Friendly Glass Optical Fibers Brochure

    The PURAVIS® eco-friendly glass optical fibers are designed for outstanding transmission of white light, even for long length applications, and are manufactured in an entirely environmentally friendly manner. The PURAVIS glass optical fibers feature a lower color shift so that illuminated objects retain their natural color, and low dispersion resulting in illumination with high color uniformity.