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OSI Optoelectronics (OSIO) is a leading provider of advanced optoelectronic components and electronic assemblies. These technical elements are key to enabling critical functions such as analytics and monitoring, test and measurement, communication and tracking, and imaging in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Medical & Life Sciences
  • Automation & Industrial Production
  • Automotive & Consumer Electronics

Design  and manufacturing operations are housed in 12 world-class facilities around the globe, where teams of experts design and develop premium photodetectors, laser diodes, imaging and medical sensors, photonic modules and instruments. These resources, combined with more than 50 years of experience in the field of optoelectronics, have given OSI Optoelectronics the expertise to develop incredibly efficient manufacturing processes that exceed the rigorous needs of our customers.

At OSI Optoelectronics, we provide complete solutions and services from concept to design and production. With our exceptional engineering team, extensive manufacturing capabilities, and vast experience in a wide variety of disciplines, we deliver the optimal solutions for your needs.

Our vast  assortment of standard products, developed with our core expertise in advanced optoelectronics technologies, provides our customers with a wide range of solutions to meet their every need. In addition, we provide customized solutions that are tailor-made to meet specific customer requirements and withstand the most rigorous specifications and environmental demands.

As a leading OEM provider of custom solutions in advanced high-reliability market segments, OSI Optoelectronics is a trusted source in the delivery of the technology which supports every aspect of your  project.

OSI Optoelectronics (formerly UDT Sensors) expanded its product and capabilities portfolio by merging with Advanced Photonix, OSI Laser Diode, OSI Laser Scan, Advanced Microelectronics (AME), Centrovision, and OSI Fibercomm.  Today, we continue to grow as the largest and most experienced developer and manufacturer of market-driven photonics components and systems that meet the most demanding reliability and environmental requirements.


Advanced Photonix, a division of OSI Optoelectronics, introduces a compact and rugged Large Area Avalanche Photodiodes (LAAPDs). APD’s are robust, compact, and lightweight compared to PMT’s and require little or no cooling, making them ideal for applications requiring durability, portability, small space envelopes, or operation in harsh environments. 

The FCI-InGaAs-XXM series of high-speed InGaAs photodiode arrays are designed with 4, 8, 12 and 16 channels. Each AR coated element is capable of 2.5 Gbps data rates exhibiting high responsivity from 1100 nm to 1620 nm.

OSI Optoelectronics offers the FCI-InGaAs-QXXX series of large active area InGaAs quadrant photodiodes segmented into four separate active areas. The series features high response uniformity and a low cross talk between the elements, making them ideal for accurate nulling or centering applications as well as beam profiling applications.

The FCI-InGaAs-XXX series from OSI Optoelectronics comprises an array of high speed InGaAs photodiodes with active area sizes of, 75 µm, 120 µm, 300 µm, 400 µm, and 500 µm. They exhibit the characteristics need for datacom and telecom applications and are suitable for use in single/multi-mode fiber optic receivers, gigabit Ethernet/fiber channels, SONET/SDH, ATM, and optical taps.

The FCI-InGaAs-XXX-X series of large active area photodiodes are designed with active area sizes of 1 mm, 1.5 mm and 3 mm and exhibit excellent responsivity from 1100 nm to 1620 nm, allowing high sensitivity to weak signals. These large active area devices are ideal for use in infrared instrumentation and monitoring applications.

OSI Optoelectronics offers a series of avalanche photodiodes (APD) that are designed to make use of internal multiplication to achieve gain due to impact ionization. These high responsivity devices exhibit excellent sensitivity and fast response times.

The company also provides a patented product line of Large Area Avalanche Photodiodes (LAAPDs) from Advanced Photonix. These robust, lightweight devices feature a larger active detection area, higher quantum efficiency, greater linear response range, an improved signal-to-noise ratio, and are insensitive to magnetic fields. 

OSI Optoelectronics' YAG series of photodiodes is optimized for high responses at 1060 nm and low capacitance for high-speed and low-noise operation. They can be used for sensing low-light intensities, such as the light reflected from objects illuminated by a YAG laser beam for ranging applications. The SPOT series of quadrant detectors is well-suited for aiming and pointing applications.

OSI Optoelectronics provides standard and custom X-ray detector devices for industrial, security, and medical fields. These proprietary detectors are designed and manufactured in-house with outstanding reliability. They are ideal for any X-ray scanning applications, as well as other medical and security applications.

OSI Optoelectronics' segmented and lateral effect position sensing detectors (PSDs) are available in 1D or 2D active areas, as well as in a variety of active area sizes and packaging. The segmented detector is typically used in beam nulling applications while lateral effect PSDs are most suitable for measuring wide lateral displacement.

OSI Optoelectronics offers optical photodiode filter assemblies as low cost and effective solutions to tailor the spectral response of a silicon photodiode.

The FCI-H125/250G-GaAs-100 series of GaAs photodiode amplifier hybrids are a compact integration of our high-speed GaAs photodetector with a wide dynamic range transimpedance amplifier and active area sizes of 100 µm. Combining the detector with the TIA in a hermetically sealed 4 pin TO-46 or TO-52 package provides ideal conditions for high speed signal amplification.

The FCI-GaAs-XXM series of GaAs photodiode arrays are designed with 4 or 12 elements and are ideal for high-speed fiber receiver and monitoring applications. Each AR coated element is sensitive to telecommunication wavelengths and are perfect receiver for SM or MM fiber ribbon with a 250 µm pitch.

OSI Optoelectronics offers an array of linear or 2-dimension photodiode arrays in a variety of different sizes and pitch to suit a number of applications. They are delivered in LCC, DIP chip carriers, PCB, ceramic, or monolithic solderable bare chip models.

OSI Optoelectronics offers a family of X-ray and radiation silicon photodiode detectors for additional sensitivity in the X-ray region without the use of scintillator crystals or a screen. Their sensitivities range from 200 nm to 0.07 nm (6 eV to 17.6 keV) or 17.6 keV and above. Models are generally available with removable windows and can be vacuum compatible.

OSI Optoelectronics offers an array of inversion channel series and planar diffused UV enhanced photodiodes designed to be generally sensitive between 200 to 1100 nm. These photodiodes exhibit low dark current and are typically packaged with a quartz or UV transmissive glass window. They can also be reverse biased for lower capacitance and faster rise time performance.

OSI Optoelectronics offers a range of high-speed silicon photodiode detectors optimized at 800 nm band. These small and large active area detectors feature a fast rise time for high-bandwidth applications up to 1.25 GHz. They are available in flat window or micro-lens window TO18 models.


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  • OSI Optoelectronics is a leading global provider of innovative photonics, optoelectronics and advanced electronic systems for aerospace and defense, medical and industrial, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

  • OSI Laser Diode produces advanced optoelectronic products of the highest quality for a broad range of applications and industries. State of the art manufacturing, advanced product development and quality program, coupled with continual process improvements, exemplifies the company’s principles of leadership, dependability, and integrity.

  • OSI LaserScan is a division of OSI Optoelectronics based in Hawthorne, California. OSI LaserScan has developed a variety of patented laser scanning systems for commercial and industrial use.