With decades worth of knowledge and experience, Ophir Optronics Solutions LTD., Optics Group, an MKS Company (NASDAQ: MKSI), is a world-leading designer and of high performance IR thermal lenses and optical elements for VIS imaging and high-power lasers optics.

Technology leader

Using advanced innovative and design configurations, Ophir provides a global solution for homeland security, surveillance, automotive and commercial IR Components and complex lens assemblies with fixed or motorized focus and zoom lenses. It is the passion for what we do that has enabled us to maintain a solid reputation and long-term customer relationships through the years. Using advanced technologies, innovative engineering, and opto-mechanical design, we provide solutions for complex challenges in defense, security and commercial applications.

Comprehensive Portfolio

Our state-of-the-art facilities in Jerusalem, Israel, design and produce a full range of high-performance optical elements and lenses for the defense, security and commercial markets. In addition, we design and produce a full range of high quality optics for high power industrial fiber lasers for cutting, welding, drilling, and 3D printing systems.

Vertical Integration

Whatever your requirements, our know-how, expert team, and technology are all there, ready to provide you with the precise, you need. Partnering with you every step of the way, from concept, through design and verification, to manufacturing and post-sales technical support, we are dedicated to delivering on schedule, and within budget.

Highest Quality Standards

Thanks to superior engineering capabilities, and by upholding the high-esteamed, a reputation for excellent performance and quality in the manufacturing of advanced products, and for maximizing optical performance through innovative lens designs. We're AS9100 Rev. D and ISO 9001-2015 certified.


The Ophir Optics Group designs and manufactures a series of high-performance infrared (IR) thermal lenses and optical elements for SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR imaging. These IR components and complex lens assemblies with fixed or motorized focus and zoom lenses. With such advanced technologies, innovative engineering, and design configurations, these optical solutions are ideal for homeland security, surveillance, automotive, and commercial applications.

The Ophir Optics Group offers a full range of high-quality OEM and replacement optics solutions for high power CO2 laser and 1μm laser applications. These products are designed to meet the highest industry standards and have been widely tested with outstanding results.


Tech Note: Advanced IR Zoom Lenses For Next Generation Thermal Imaging Applications
This paper reviews advances in the development of infrared zoom lenses that meet challenging SWaP requirements while enabling high-resolution vision and identification in harsh environmental conditions and constrained platforms such as airborne and portable systems.   Continue Reading..
Innovation In AR Lens Coatings: High-Quality Coatings For High-Power Lasers
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White Paper: The Challenge Of Manufacturing Large Mirrors
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IR Optics For Automotive Night Vision And Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
Thermal imaging night vision systems use the thermal energy (heat) emitted by all objects to allow for “sight,” even in complete darkness. This application note discusses the benefits of thermal sensors over standard vision systems in ADAS.  Continue Reading..
Advanced IR Optical Assemblies For UAVs And Drones Meeting SWaP Constraints
UAVs and drones are being designed with increasingly advanced infrared imaging systems, containing detectors that are larger in size and smaller in pixel size, which present challenges for UAV optics. The challenge falls on optical manufacturers to design and produce optics with a crisp, clean image over the entire zoom range, and an MTF close to the diffraction limit, while meeting strict SWaP requirements. This application note discusses how...  Continue Reading..


Ophir Optics Group

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  • IR Lenses For Immediate And Remote Detection Of Elevated Skin Temperature

    In order to promote public health, many organizations and public venues are searching for ways to efficiently protect people from those who may have an infection. Ophir’s infrared thermal imaging lenses help provide a quick, inexpensive and non-invasive solution for surveying crowds and identifying people with elevated skin temperature who require further investigation. These thermal imaging lenses provide temperature readings of a wide audiences at the highest precision. They have been used effectively for the past two decades and were deployed successfully during the SARS and COVID-19 pandemics.

  • High Performance Optics For UAV Payloads And Drones

    Ophir Optics group develops and delivers a wide range of IR complex lens assemblies with fixed, motorized focus, and zoom lenses to support UAV MWIR and LWIR imaging. These optics are designed to optimize the specific size, weight and power (SWAP) constraints of the UAV payload platforms for military, security and emerging UAV applications.

  • Optics For Automotive Night-Vision (NV) And Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

    Automotive night vision systems and ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) that use thermal imaging allow drivers to detect pedestrians and retain a clear view of the road ahead, even when vision is obstructed by environmental conditions such as darkness, smoke, or fog. For maximum performance and minimal collision risk, these systems must achieve high accuracy and allow for long distance object detection. The key to meeting these requirements is the use of high sensitivity and high-resolution optics – such as Ophir’s athermalized lenses.

  • IR Optics Optimized For 10 – 12 μm Uncooled Detectors

    Ophir Optics Group delivers new optimized IR optics designs that match the needs of upcoming 10 – 12 μm uncooled detectors that must meet superior SWaP standards, enable a reduction in the size of the optical system, and provide a shorter focal length and a longer detection range.

  • IR Lightweight Zoom Lenses

    The Light IR product family of lightweight zoom lenses are designed to ensure the smallest, lightest, and most compact lens solutions while achieving the highest levels of IR thermal imaging performance for cooled MWIR and uncooled LWIR cameras. They are ideally used for unmanned aerial vehicle payloads, drones, and other handheld devices.

  • MWIR f/4.0 Zoom Lenses For Long Range Applications

    Ophir Optics Group offers a family of non-ITAR MWIR f/4.0 zoom lenses with focal lengths ranging from 15 – 300 mm or 45 – 900 mm. These high-performance zoom lenses are offered with a series of extenders for superior DRI ranges, making them ideal for long range observations and surveillance system applications. The 45 – 900 mm f/4.0 zoom lenses provide the highest focal length, with a detection range of up to 24.7 km.

  • IR Long Range Zoom Lenses

    Ophir Optics Group's array of IR long-range zoom lenses offer outstanding detection, recognition, and identification (DRI) ranges ideal for commercial, surveillance, and homeland security applications. They are available for use in various FPA formats, including high-definition XGA and SXGA formats, with crisp clean images over full zoom and MTF close to the diffraction limit.