Xenon Flash Lamps for Medical Devices

Source: Hamamatsu Corporation

Xenon Flash Lamps for Medical Devices

Hamamatsu’s Xenon flash lamps feature a long lifetime, low heat output, a high intensity output, and high stability. They’re ideal for use in blood analyzers and in instruments for in vitro diagnostics.

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Xenon flash lamps in general are more compact and experience less heat build-up than what you’d experience with continuous mode lamps. They also tend to last longer and possess better arc stability. Additionally, Xenon flash lamps provide a high-intensity continuous spectrum from the UV, visible, and infrared range.

For additional information on Hamamatsu’s Xenon flash lamps product line, download the catalog. You can also contact Hamamatsu directly for information on how to integrate these lamps into your next medical device.