X-Ray And Radiation Detectors


OSI Optoelectronics offers a family of X-ray and radiation silicon photodiode detectors for additional sensitivity in the X-ray region without the use of scintillator crystals or a screen. Their sensitivities range from 200 nm to 0.07 nm (6 eV to 17.6 keV) or 17.6 keV and above. Models are generally available with removable windows and can be vacuum compatible.

Soft X-Ray, Far UV Enhanced Photodiodes

The OSI Optoelectronics’ 1990 R&D 100 award winning X-UV detector series are a unique class of silicon photodiodes designed for additional sensitivity in the X-Ray region of the electromagnetic spectrum without use of any scintillator crystals or screens. A reverse bias can be applied to reduce the capacitance and increase speed of response. In the unbiased mode, these detectors can be used for applications requiring low noise and low drift.

Fully Depleted Photodiodes

The high breakdown voltage, fully depleted series of large active area photodiodes are designed to achieve the lowest possible junction capacitance for fast response times. They can also be fully depleted for applications measuring high energy X-rays, gamma-rays, as well as high energy particles such as electrons, alpha rays and heavy ions.

Multi-Channel X-Ray Detectors

This series consists of 16- element arrays where the individual elements are grouped together and mounted on PCB. For X-ray or Gamma-ray applications, these multi-channel detectors offer BGO, CdWO4 or CsI(TI) scintillator-mounting options.

For additional information on these X-ray and radiation detectors, download the available datasheets or visit the webpage.

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