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09.25.23 -- Why Connected Cars Are A Privacy Nightmare


Why Connected Cars Are A Privacy Nightmare

When it comes to connected cars and privacy consider this: sex toys typically provide more detailed security information about their products. So, when your privacy policies and protections are worse than those of a sex toy, you might have a problem.

The Wow! Signal: 72 Seconds That Still Remain A Mystery

The "Wow! signal" is the name given to a strong and unusual radio signal detected by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman on Aug. 15, 1977. This signal was detected at Ohio State University's Big Ear radio telescope, which was used for the SETI program. The Wow! signal is notable for being one of the most famous and intriguing potential instances of a signal from an extraterrestrial civilization.


The Temptation Of Megapixel Lenses (And Why You Should Resist)

In response to the popularity of megapixel cameras and sensors, many lens manufacturers are marketing "megapixel lenses." The problem? There's no such thing.

Use Of Camera-Based Systems To Characterize Laser Beam Spatial Profile

Laser beam profiling cameras like those in the Beamage series help identify laser beams that aren't performing optimally and provide the intel required to correct that situation.

Holography's Role In Advancing Surface Topography Measurements

This paper explores holography's contributions to interferometry in measuring surface topography, addressing questions about Denis Gabor's all-optical computer, Isaac Newton's synthetic off-axis hologram, and the nature of white-light 3D profilers.

Using Spherical Air Bearings In Satellite Testing

Spherical air bearings create a near-zero friction environment, enabling satellite control systems to mimic space conditions without costly drop testing or complex simulations.

Bionic Technology Analyzed Precisely

The Max Plank Institute for Intelligent Systems has dedicated itself to complex fundamental research using a Phantom ultrahigh-speed (UHS) camera for precise observation and versatile analysis.


Reviving Optics: Re-Polishing Services For Non-Spec Fabricated Lenses

Precision Glass & Optics is offering an innovative re-polishing service that can give an optic new life when the original dielectric coating does not meet the specifications or was damaged during the manufacturing process.

Understand Noise At The Sub-Nanometer Scale

Nanopositioners have position uncertainty that causes noise in measurements. Understanding position noise origin is crucial to determine nanopositioner accuracy.

Color Temperature Adjustment Filters For Technical Or Aesthetic Illumination

Color temperature adjustment filters modify light spectra for diverse applications like architecture, cinema, medical fields, and security, allowing precise control over color appearance.

Using 1,064 nm Dispersive Raman For Ink And Paint Classification

BaySpec’s 1,064 nm excitation dispersive Raman systems minimize fluorescence interference, making Raman spectroscopy useful for forensics.


Excelitas Technologies To Acquire Heraeus Noblelight Business From Heraeus Group

New Quasi-Particle Bridges Microwave And Optical Domains

SLAC Fires Up The World’s Most Powerful X-Ray Laser, Ushers In A New Era Of Science

Laser Photonics’ CleanTech Streamlines Biofilm Removal In Industrial Settings

SuperLight Photonics Secures Seed Funding In Investment Round

3D Insights Into An Innovative Manufacturing Process

Laser-Based Ice-Core Sampling For Studying Climate Change

Researchers Use Liquid Metal, Laser Ablation To Create Stretchable Miniature Antennas

Buried Ancient Roman Glass Formed Substance With Modern Applications

indie Semiconductor Acquires EXALOS AG

Caelux, UNSW Partner On Solar Cells Project To Improve Readiness Of Solar PV Tech


What Is The Maximum Repetition Rate Of A Pulsed Laser When Used With A Power Detector?

Average power measurement of a pulsed laser can be a really tricky thing. What is the minimum repetition rate to get stable and reliable measurements? Myriam Blanchet of Gentec-EO answers this question in this video.


The Study Of Circadian Rhythms And Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) Neurons

How does studying jet lag in mice improve our health? A recent study led by Huiyan Li, from the National Center of Biomedical Analysis in Beijing, China, is looking to understand how chronobiology affects our well-being.


OPAL-Luxe High Dynamic Range Spectrometer

The OPAL-Luxe is a compact, multichannel spectrometer with high dynamic range for simultaneous multi-wavelength spectral measurements.

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Hamamatsu Corporation

Digital Galvano Scanning System: GM Series

Canon offers a state-of-the-art digital Galvano scanning system with LED optical encoder and high-speed digital servo controller, providing unparalleled precision and accuracy.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components

High-Power GaAlAs IRLED Illuminator: OD-669

The GaAlAs IRLED illuminator emits 880 nm with a wide angle. It has nine chips in an electrically isolated case, ideal for covert aircraft or anti-collision lighting in aviation.

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