Webinar | July 12, 2021

Webinar: Piezoelectric Transducers In Bio-Medical Applications

The video covers applications in IVD, PoC, Cytometry, Array Spotting or Lab Automation. Piezoelectric technology enables devices in IVD tests to provide high speed and handle high sample throughput. They allow minimized dimensions and low energy consumption enabling use in mobile systems and liquid handling systems for diagnostic devices, because of their ability to control minute sample volumes in microfluidic channels with high speed.

Get insights into the possibilities piezoelectric ceramic elements provide for the requirements of modern IVD testing devices: They perform tasks such as precise droplet generation, mixing, dosing, and sorting in the smallest space. Their ultrafast operation is contamination-free, which makes piezos suitable for medical applications like diagnostic instruments. PI’s piezo experts reveal the features of piezo elements, e.g. sub-assemblies or transducers, and prove their value with specific application examples.