Wavelength Electronics Releases A New Web Site


Wavelength's new website was designed by engineers for engineers. Access to specifications and datasheets for our precision laser diode drivers and temperature controllers is quick: just click Support -> Datasheets and select the datasheet you want.

More detailed technical information has been added – tutorials, application notes, FAQs, 3-D models, references and industry links. Online design tools have also been enhanced to further simplify your design process. A Safe Operating Area (SOA) calculator simulates the thermal requirements of your particular design. Circuit Calculators for the WLD laser diode driver and WTC temperature controller chips quickly determine values for all external components based on your application input values.

A selection guide compares the core specifications of both laser diode drivers and temperature controllers, accessed with a single click of the Products button.

If you have any questions, technical support engineers are available by phone or email, with contact information as close as clicking the Contact button.

About Wavelength Electronics
Wavelength Electronics has simplified advanced laser diode driver and thermal control technology for OEM and research applications since 1993. Our high performance specifications are supported by a team of experienced sales and design engineers and a high-tech manufacturing facility. Evaluation quantities are available from stock.

SOURCE: Wavelength Electronics