70 dB W-Band Direct Reading Attenuator: STA-60-10-D8

70 dB W-Band Direct Reading Attenuator: STA-60-10-D8

The STA-60-10-D8 from SAGE Millimeter is a high-precision rotary vane attenuator designed for millimeter wave test set applications across the W-band frequency range (75 – 110 GHz). With a large scale calibrated dial indicating direct values of attenuation, this instrument is ideal in waveguide systems where a broad direct reading of attenuation is required.

The direct reading attenuator features excellent repeatability during frequent attenuation setting operations, 1.2 dB typical insertion loss, and up to 70 dB of maximum attenuation. This attenuator’s accuracy is 0.1 dB or 1% of the reading up to 60 dB, and “for reference only” above 70 dB. Applications for the STA-60-10-D8 include test laboratory, bit error rate testing, fade margin, and transceiver diversity.

Additional key features include:

  • Full Waveguide Band Coverage
  • Large Scaled Dial
  • High Attenuation Accuracy
  • Waveguide Moding Free

For more features and specifications on the STA-60-10-D8 direct reading attenuator, download the available datasheet.