Vytran Appoints Distributors In China

Vytran, an innovative supplier of fiber fusion splicing, assembly and fiber-based glass processing solutions, has appointed Connet Fiber Optics and Seasun Technology its distributors in China. Each will provide local sales, business development and service support in their specialty markets. Specifically, Connet's focus is R&D and several industrial markets while Seasun covers telecommunications and cable television along with associated industrial markets.

"From fiber laser and sensing to telecom and cable TV, China is experiencing a lot of growth and more than ever our customers there must have access to the best sales, application and service support possible," said Jean-Michel Pelaprat, Vytran president and CEO. "Accordingly, we've appointed distributors with significant local presence and experience in their respective markets. Both are well-established, customer-oriented companies that are ideal partners for distributing our unique line of fiber splicing and processing equipment."

Founded in 2003, Connet Fiber Optics (www.shconnet.com.cn) is a leader in the fiber laser and amplifier market. The company's product lines include specialty fibers and handling equipment such as systems for fiber fusion splicing, cleaving and recoating, as well as high-power, all-fiber components, single-emitter and high-power pumps, fiber laser subassemblies and turn-key systems for a range of applications. Connet has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Hong Kong.

Seasun Technology and Development Co., Ltd. (www.oseasun.com) was established in 2001. It is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and has offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Seasun specializes in optical communication, cable TV, wind power generation, industrial automation, and oil and chemical industry applications, among others. Seasun provides customers with comprehensive solutions for their special optical fiber and fiber fusion splicing applications and corresponding pre- and post-sales support.

Dr. Baishi Wang, director of technology, who has a broad range of fiber industry experience, will provide both companies with application and service assistance from Vytran's headquarters in Morganville, New Jersey, United States.

About Vytran
Vytran is an innovative supplier of semi-automated and fully automated fiber fusion splicing and glass processing solutions for the telecom, fiber laser, sensing, medical, aerospace, and specialty fiber products markets. Vytran technologies are designed to reduce customers' risk, speed their products to market, and lower their cost of ownership. The company's patented filament fusion technology is paired with industry-leading machine monitoring and control capabilities to provide process control unattainable with other fusion splicing methods. These technologies, along with innovations in fiber cleaving, recoating and proof testing, make Vytran a leader in reliable, precision equipment for high-volume optical fiber assembly and specialty fiber processing. Vytran is part of the NKT Photonics Group.

SOURCE: Vytran