Video | April 26, 2016

Vision Research Video Gallery

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

Check out Vision Research's video gallery of a wide variety of demonstrations using high-speed digital cameras for many different markets including ballistics, scientific, industrial, and automotive!

Inside IIHS: Crash
Test Photography

Huge Puddle Splash At
2500 fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Phantom Flex & Milo Motion
Control: Ford Focus

Phantom Miro eX4 @
1245 fps + 2011 Camaro SS

BMW GTS Slow Motion

Embrace Life -
Always Wear Your Seat Belt

Airbag Deployment

The Making of the
Circuit Board

Joined Together

120 Everywhere a Chip Chip

Blades a Turnin’

GunnyTime BTS


555gr Roundnose
Lead Projectile

Boat Tail vs. Flat Base

Blowing Up Stuff

Canon Firing In Slow
Motion – The Slow Mo Guys

Sinterfire Frangible
Lead Free Ammunition

Sky Rockets in Flight

Critical Phenomena Drops
Crossing a Stratified Fluid

Honey Bees in
Ultra-slow Motion

Space Shuttle
Flight STS-132

The Marangoni Effect

Wind Tunnel PIV

Underwater Blast

High Speed Bottle Cavitation

Spray Bottle - Stream