Live From SPIE DSS 2012: Telops Introduces Software For Real-Time Gas Detection, Identification

Source: TELOPS
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Vincent Farley, business development manager at Telops, introduces his company's new Reveal D&I Software, which works in conjunction with the Hyper-Cam hyperspectral imager for real-time gas detection and identification. Farley also discusses Telops' MW InSb broadband infrared camera.

Video Transcript

Vincent Farley: Hi. My name is Vincent Farley. I am the business development manager at Telops. I am here at the SPIE DSS show to present some of our new products in Baltimore.

We are launching this year the new Reveal D&I Software. This is a real-time gas detection and identification software that gives you the ability of using a hyperspectral imager to do real-time chemical imaging.

In the example, you can look kilometers away and you can see in real time the detection of chemicals. You can see them evolve. You can track the clouds, and it doesn’t only detect using the spectral signature, it can also identify the different species. Here you have an example of where SF6 and ammonia are both detected and color-coded.

We are very excited to launch this software to add real-time capabilities to our Hyper-Cam hyperspectral imager. Over here you have the new TEL-1000 mid-wave infrared camera. This is a broadband camera that has a great combination of frame rate and spatial resolution. It is a product that we are adding to our already-existing IR camera line.

This one is a 640 x 512 200-frames-per-second in full frame. It goes faster with windowing up to thousands of frames per second. It is a nice addition to our infrared camera line in which we have both broadband and multispectral cameras.

This camera like our other cameras benefits from our patented real-time temperature calibration so you can have in real time your measurements temperature-calibrated. The temperature calibration works with different operating temperatures and different exposure times. This is a very innovative calibration method that we have introduced to the IR camera market.

These are our new products that we are launching this year. We are happy to be showing them here in Baltimore.