News | May 2, 2016

Varioptic Introduces A New Liquid Lens With Increased Operating Temperature Range


Varioptic, a Business Unit of Parrot Drones SAS, announces recently the availability of a new variable focus liquid lens, with extended operating temperature range, the Arctic 25H series.

“This lens benefits from the latest improvements in the Liquid Lens technology – in addition to unique resistance to mechanical shocks and vibrations, our lens features now an operating temperature which will allow us to broaden the number of applications using our technology, as well as qualification standards in line with the toughest standards of the industry” says Samuel Grand, Varioptic Business Unit Director.

The Arctic 25H has the same form factor as the Arctic 316, the most popular Liquid Lens from Varioptic and exceeds or equals the performance of Arctic 316 on all parameters. It has been designed to be fully compatible with its predecessor, so Varioptic customers can benefit from improved performance with hardly any redesign efforts.

“The feedback from our beta testers is extremely positive, this new liquid lens will open new markets for Varioptic which we could not reach today, such as the growing automotive camera business”, says Frédéric Laune, Varioptic Sales & Marketing Director

The lens is now available from Varioptic, to find out more information on this new lens, please visit:

To find more about the Arctic 25H Development kit, please visit:

SOURCE: Varioptic