White Paper

White Paper: UV Lasers Enable Smart Phones And Other Microelectronic Devices

Source: Coherent, Inc.

The smaller package sizes and increased functionality of today's smart phones create numerous manufacturing challenges, many of which are now being solved both with high performance UV DPSS and excimer lasers.

By Larry Shi, DPSS Product Manager and Ralph Delmdahl, Excimer Product Marketing Manager, Coherent Inc, Ralph.delmdahl@coherent.com

Laser technology's role in semiconductor and microelectronics fabrication is growing dramatically as manufacturers seek to economically produce smaller and more energy efficient devices having ever greater functionality. Nowhere is this trend more clearly evident than in the current generation of smart phones, which combine impressive processing horsepower with high quality displays in a handheld package. Increasingly, component manufacturers have turned to ultraviolet (UV) and deep UV (DUV) DPSS and excimer lasers for high resolution, high energy, and low damage processes to enable smart phone production.

This article reviews a sample of the key laser-based applications used in smart phone manufacturing, as well as the laser technology that has been developed to service them with an outlook toward the future.

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