UV-Enhanced Silver Mirror Coatings

Source: Acton Optics & Coatings
UV-Enhanced Solver Mirror Coatings

The new broadband coatings from Acton Optics & Coatings are designed to offer UV reflectivity while maintaining high reflectance up to the mid-IR wavelength range. These UV-enhanced silver coatings deliver optimal reflectivity and absorption even below 450 nm, surpassing the performance of both standard silver and aluminum coatings.

The #4000 and #4001 coatings deliver high levels of broadband reflectivity, typically above 98%, from 400 nm to mid-IR. The #4000 is specifically designed for applications requiring strong performance in the mid-IR, as well as the highest UV reflectivity. On the other hand, the #4001 provides high reflectivity throughout the mid-IR, while maintaining strong broadband-UV performance. These coatings are well suited for a wide variety of applications including military optics, telescopes, spaceflight hardware, analytical instruments, and ultrafast lasers.

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