UV Enhanced Photodiodes


OSI Optoelectronics offers an array of inversion channel series and planar diffused UV enhanced photodiodes designed to be generally sensitive between 200 to 1100 nm. These photodiodes exhibit low dark current and are typically packaged with a quartz or UV transmissive glass window. They can also be reverse biased for lower capacitance and faster rise time performance.

Inversion Layer Photodiodes

The inversion layer photodiodes are designed to exhibit 100 percent internal quantum efficiency and are well suited for low intensity light measurements. They feature high shunt resistance, low noise, and high breakdown voltages. The response uniformity across the surface and quantum efficiency improves with 5 to 10 volts applied reverse bias.

Planar Diffused Photodiodes

The family of planar diffused photodiodes are designed to offer lower capacitance, higher risetimes, and faster response times compared to the inversion layer photodiodes. They also exhibit linearity of photocurrent up to higher light outputs and offer better stability with prolonged exposure to UV light. There are two types of planar diffused UV enhanced photodiodes available: UVD and UVE. Both series have almost similar electro-optical characteristics, except in the UVE series, where the near IR responses of the devices are suppressed.

Planar Diffused IR Suppressed Photodiodes

The planar diffused photodiodes offer lower capacitance and higher risetimes compared to the inversion layer photodiodes. These devices also exhibit linearity of photocurrent up to higher light outputs. The IR sensitivity of these devices is suppressed to minimize ambient light interference.

For additional information on these families of UV enhanced photodiodes, download the available datasheet or visit the webpage.

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