Application Note

Application Note: UV Blocking Glass Benefits For Dental Curing Lights

Source: Abrisa Technologies

Dental curing lights utilize coated glass filters, such as a UV blocking glass, to selectively emit specific bands of light. These curing lights are used to polymerize dental composites, sealants and cements that are often used to help repair or replace tooth material.

During the tooth repair or replacement process, these composites are applied to the damaged area and sculpted to resemble the missing portion of tooth. At this point the Dental curing light tool is positioned and activated to emit the precise band of light that causes the composites to polymerize and harden. Afterward, other tools are used to grind, scrape and polish the material so that it properly resembles the original tooth.

Originally, when these dental curing lights were invented, they were designed to emit UV light which interacted with the composites used at that time in order to polymerize them. Over the years since then it was discovered that there are composites which react to blue light in much the same way. Due to health concerns that go along with UV exposure to vulnerable tissue in the mouth, this new method was implemented.