Source: BaySpec Inc.

BaySpec offers SPEC-CONNECTTM assemblies, a series of accessories to help integrate UV-VIS-NIR systems to desired applications. The series of custom fiber and probe assemblies are designed to easily connect or manipulate fibers for a wide variety of applications including experiments, OEM, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cosmetics, water quality, food safety, law enforcement, and homeland security.

Key design benefits of the SPEC-CONNECT accessories include premium grade components, proven reliability, and flexible customization.

Product Assembly Types Include:

  • Jumpers – fiber assemblies ranging from generic datacom jumpers to single-fiber large core cable designs with more robust and customized components
  • Bundles – Fiber bundle assemblies that may be arranged into round, ring, single line, multi-segment line or arc arrangements, or packed into 2D shapes and arrays
  • (Bi)Furcated Bundles – Fiber bundles with either one or both sides separated into multiple standard or custom designed terminations and fiber configurations
  • Probes – Probe assembles able to be immersed onto a liquid solution, commonly called Dip Probes or Transmission Probes; other larger, more robust probe designs are available for harsher conditions
  • Optical Adapters – Adapters designed to fit into a connector or custom termination, or designed to mount onto a piece of equipment, and purposed to image the light from the fiber(s), or to focus light into the fibers from a light source
  • Hardware Adapters – products that generally have no optical components, but can be used for mounting fiber assemblies to a piece of equipment, other fiber assemblies, or for enclosing optical components or assemblies

For more information, specifications, drawings, and component options, download the datasheet.

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