Webinar | November 17, 2022

Unleashing The Power Of Photonics – A Digital Tech Talk Event

PI - Power Of Photonics Digital Talk

As both manufacturers and researchers are approaching the limits of what can be achieved through conventional technologies, Photonics is creating exciting new opportunities across all industry sectors.

It enables innovation in substantial areas of life from consumer electronics and communications to health care, energy, advanced manufacturing, or in cutting-edge fields such as quantum computing. But these growth markets also set high demands: Ever smaller components with higher functional density, shorter innovation cycles, a growing variety of end products and materials, the reduction of production costs, and an increase in yield.

The power of Photonics offers new and unique solutions where today's conventional technologies reach their limits in terms of speed, precision, and efficiency.

Let’s unleash this power: In this digital event, we bring together experts who will tackle the topic from different angles and share their knowledge on market trends, the requirements of cutting-edge photonics applications, and solutions to meet those needs.

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  Welcome: Driving Innovation for the World of Tomorrow
Markus Spanner | CEO | PI
  Introduction: Enabling New Markets Together!
Carlos Lee | Director General | EPIC
  Session 1: Scalability for Photonics Assembly​
Sander Dorrestein | Senior Development Engineer | CITC
  Session 2: Wafer Level Photonics Testing With Unmatched Ease Of Us
Sebastian Giessmann | Product Marketing Manager | MPI
  Session 3: Unlocking Last-Mile Connectivity with Wireless Laser Communication
Chip Wilcox | Product Development Lead | Transcelestial
  Session 4: Advanced Solutions to Keep Pace with the Industry’s Need to Scale
Scott Jordan | Photonics Business Developer | PI
Daniel Achenbach | Segment Marketing Manager for Photonics | PI
  Conclusion & Goodbye