Ultra-Small MEMS-FPI Spectrum Sensor

Source: Hamamatsu Corporation

Ultra-Small MEMS-FPI Spectrum Sensor

Hamamatsu offers the new C13272 ultra-small, narrow range spectrum sensor with a MEMS-FPI tunable filter. It is constructed of a MEMS FPI chip and an InGaAs PIN photodetector with a spectral response range from 1.55 µm to 1.85 µm. This spectral response rate makes the sensor suitable for materials identification and process control in industrial environments.

The C13272 is designed to detect wavelengths by tuning the air gap of the silicon-based FPI resonant cavity. This process eliminates the grating associated with other spectral sensing methods, and results in a very low profile that can be integrated into compact designs. This spectrum sensor comes in an 8.9 mm diameter TO-5 package and weighs only one gram. For high humidity conditions, the sensor comes in a hermetically sealed package to ensure reliability and maintain a long life.

For more information about the C13272 MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor, please call Hamamatsu Corporation at 1-800-524-0504 or visit the company’s website.