White Paper

White Paper: Ultra Low Timing Jitter Performance And Characterization Of Origami Femtosecond Laser Series

Source: Onefive GmbH

By Onefive GmbH

Compact, industrial-grade optical pulse sources with very low timing jitter and sufficient power are becoming a key building block in many advanced applications. Particularly, the recent advances in the measurement and control of the carrier-envelope offset frequency have greatly expanded the range of possible applications of such frequency combs. Therefore, the off-the-shelf availability of industrial-grade femtosecond and picosecond optical pulses sources is vital for wide application areas. In response to this imminent need, Onefive GmbH has released a series of ultra-short pulsed lasers qualified for industial applications. These lasers are based on the successful Origami-platform which has already been adopted industry-wide.