Ultra High Resolution Cooled CCD Camera: SPOT Flex Camera

Source: SPOT Imaging Solutions, a division of Diagnostic Instruments

Ultra High Resolution Cooled CCD Camera: SPOT Flex Camera

These high resolution CCD Cameras feature Flex shifting technology, allowing for greater flexibility in resolution adjustments for a variety of microscopy applications in life science, clinical, and materials research labs. Color and monochrome versions are available, depending on your needs.

FlexTM high resolution CCD cameras utilize a Kodak KAI-4020-M sensor designed to capture a wide field of view to match the image you receive through a microscope. The camera’s Flex shifting sensor technology allows you to select the resolution required to accurately study your subject. For instance, a single-shot 4.0 megapixel resolution would be ideal for capturing moving specimens. A 4-shot 4.0 megapixel full color sampling would be well suited for the high magnification of a fixed specimen. A 16-shot 16 megapixel resolution could be used for low magnification fixed specimens, or a 16-shot 64 megapixel color image would be ideal for large posters. The flexibility coupled with the amazing resolution allows you to capture impressive details of the image, regardless of what you’re studying.

SPOT Flex CCD Cameras at a glance:

  • User selectable resolution up to 64 megapixel
  • 22 mm field of view
  • Peltier cooling of –20°C from ambient
  • FireWire 1394a interface
  • 14-bit image capture
  • Color and monochrome models available
  • Included SPOT image capture software for microscopy
  • Installation, training and technical support available

For more information on the monochrome and color models, download the available datasheets. You can also contact SPOT Imaging Solutions directly for more information or to discuss your microscopy application.