Ultra-Compact Cameras With CMOS Sensors And CMOSIS/AMS: Mako Series

Source: Allied Vision

The Mako camera series comprises low-cost machine vision cameras upgraded with CMOS sensors from Sony and CMOSIS/AMS sensor technologies.  Mako cameras have the same compact form factor and the same mounting positions as many analog cameras and offer simple plug-and-play integration into standard image-processing systems.

These upgraded Mako models now offer precise synchronization of multi-camera systems with the PTP function (Precision Time Protocol), and one-cable connectivity with Trigger over Ethernet (ToE). With their popular CMOS sensors and their new, advanced feature set, the upgraded Mako models are the ideal choice for high-performance, sugar-cube format machine vision cameras.

Models with the latest Sony Exmor Pregius CMOS sensor technology:

Models with CMOSIS/ams CMOS sensor technology:

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