Transistor Outline (TO) Sensor Headers, Caps, And Packages

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The Transistor Outline (TO) package is an industrial standard that regulates the design and size of current-conducting microelectronic packaging and housings consisting of a TO header and a TO cap. SCHOTT offers TO headers for enabling encapsulated components to be provided with power, and a TO cap for enabling the smooth transition of optical signals.

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The TO header delivers a mechanical basis for the installation of electronic and optical components such as semiconductors, laser diodes, or simple electronic circuits, while at the same time providing power to the encapsulated components with the aid of pins. Two types of TO caps – molded TO caps and soldered TO caps – protect the optical components of transmission as well as reception applications, and they ensure the transmission of the optical signals by acting as an optical interface. Therefore, the properties of the installed windows or lenses must fulfill extremely high requirements.

Headers and caps are then welded together to form a TO housing where the process removes the oxygen inside the encapsulated spaces to protect against corrosion. Customized solutions are available for both high-volume TO headers and microelectronic (or hybrid) packages.

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