News | February 16, 2011

Toshiba Imaging's New Compact CMOS HD Camera Features Both DVI-D And USB Outputs - Ideal For Microscopy And Broadcast

Source: Toshiba Imaging Systems Division

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division, the global leader in high definition (HD) camera technology for broadcast, scientific, industrial, and defense applications, introduces the newest camera in their HD family, the IK-HR2D. Offering real-time, live-image data capture up to 60 frames per second (fps), the camera features both DVI-D and USB outputs, making it particularly useful for microscopy and other life sciences, industrial, and broadcast applications.

The compact (1.73 in. x 1.73 in. x 3.17 in.), one-piece CMOS camera allows the user to choose from selectable outputs to capture and send out video data up to 60 frames per second at 1080p/720p or 30 fps at 1080i or via the convenient DVI-D output. For still images, or for a series of images, or video at 5 frames per second at 1080 mode or 10 fps at 720 mode, the optional USB port is ideal.

Toshiba Imaging's high definition expertise delivers unsurpassed color resolution, contrast and clarity, with fast frame rates for ultra-smooth motion. In scientific and industrial applications, the camera captures and outputs high quality image data for real-time display and/or capture for saving individual frames.

About Toshiba Imaging Systems Division
Toshiba Imaging Systems Division (Irvine, CA) is the premier supplier of high quality video cameras for machine vision, R&D and scientific applications. Advanced high definition (HD) video imaging technology and high resolution cameras such as Toshiba's 3CCD color cameras and their remote head camera family has earned Toshiba America's Imaging Systems Division the distinctive reputation for offering unsurpassed imaging solutions to the industrial and scientific communities.

SOURCE: Toshiba Imaging Systems Division