Thyratons - Fast Acting, High Voltage Switches

Source: Excelitas Technologies
Thyratrons are fast acting, high voltage switches suitable for a variety of defense and aerospace applications. Excelitas' thyratrons are constructed of ceramic and metal for strength and long life and are capable of operation up to 20 kA and 75 kV. Typical thyratron uses include gas laser, radar, and other modulator applications.

Over 300 thyratron types are available in five basic sizes from 1 to 41/2 inches in diameter. If one of our standard products does not meet your requirements, our technical team will work with you to design a thyratron to your specific requirements. Richardson Electronics is Excelitas' exclusive worldwide distributor for thyratrons. Click here for information regarding inquiries for thyratrons, including pricing, delivery, and technical support.

Excelitas' Thyratrons Product List
Part # Product Datasheet
HY-11 Hydrogen Filled Triode Thyratron Datasheet
HY-3002/ 5948A Replacement Hydrogen Filled Triode Thyratron Datasheet
HY-3189 Deuterium Grounded Grid Thyratron Datasheet
HY-32 Deuterium Triode Thyratron Datasheet
HY-5 Hydrogen Filled Triode Thyratron Datasheet
HY-53 Hydrogen Tetrode Thyratron Datasheet
HY-5948A Hydrogen Triode Thyratron Datasheet