Thin & Ultra-Thin Lightweight Mirrors

Abrisa - Ultra Thin And Ultra Thin Mirrors

Abrisa Technologies offers ultra-thin (0.1 to 0.55 mm) mirrors that can be inserted into compact devices needing miniaturization, ultra-lightweight properties, or where space for beam steering is at a premium. 

Custom-coated partially reflective mirrors and beam splitters/combiners are also available on ultra-thin substrates offering the advantage of virtually no beam or image translation. Ultra-thin, lightweight mirrors and optics are ideal for use in unmanned drones and UAV’s, hand-held surgical devices, compact LiDAR systems, head-mounted AR displays and other portables, and wearables.

Mirrors are offered cut-to-order from our 0.55 mm thick Standard Enhanced Aluminum soda lime glass stock or can be custom coated and optimized for specific spectral requirements on your choice of one of our thin or ultra-thin glasses. Our Total Solutions include ultra-thin glass, specialty fabrication, HIE™ strengthening, optical coating, screen printing, and packaging.