Thermal Imaging Detectors

Source: Leonardo DRS

Thermal Imaging Detectors

Leonardo DRS offers VOx LWIR detectors for high-end rugged applications as well as for lower cost projects. Eight different models are available with varying resolution, pixel pitch, and packaging.

U3600 LC

This thermal imaging detector features a 17 micron pixel pitch and 320 x 240 image resolution. It’s ideal for security, surveillance, and monitoring systems that call for compact and lightweight imaging capabilities.

U3510 LCC

The U3510 LCC is the smallest and lightest thermal imaging detector on the market to provide 320 x 240 pixel resolution.  It offers a 25 micron pixel pitch and has been specifically designed for commercial applications for security, detection, and monitoring systems.


This detector is similar to the U3510 LCC, but it’s specifically designed for military and defense applications. It’s ideal for integration into a small system design that offers high reliability and long life.

U6160 LCC

The U6160 LCC provides a low cost infrared solution for commercial applications. It features 640 x 480 pixel resolution and a 17 micron pixel pitch. When coupled with its low cost, these specifications make the detector ideal for security and surveillance.


This detector is similar to the U6160 LCC, but its rugged and environmentally sealed packaging make it an ideal fit for use onboard UAVs or for imaging systems operated by ground troops.


This thermal imaging detector has been integrated into over 100,000 Driver’s Vision Enhancers and Thermal Weapon Sights. It offers 460 x 480 pixel imaging and a 25 micron pitch.

U8000 LCC

This detector weights less than 9 grams, measures in at just 2.92 x 2.92 x 0.37 cm, and offers 1024 x 768 image resolution. It’s been designed for commercial security and patrol applications that call for high-resolution imaging.


The U8000 shares similar specifications to the U8000 LCC, but it comes in a ruggedized package making it ideal for border security, homeland security, manned, and unmanned vehicles.

For additional information on each thermal imaging detector, download the available datasheets. You can also contact Leonardo DRS directly to discuss your application.