Thermal Imaging Camera: Cox CX320

Source: Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.

Thermal Imaging Camera: Cox CX320

The Cox CX320 Camera is a high-performance thermal imaging system featuring a 384 x 288 pixel resolution, a 25 µm pixel pitch, uncooled LWIR imaging arrays, and a complete package of all necessary cables, optics, power supplies and PC software. This high-value thermal imager is ideal for a wide variety of radiometric imaging applications including fire detection, medical imaging, manufacturing quality control and laboratory R&D.

The Cox camera is able to operate as an Ethernet enabled workstation streaming data to a computer running thermal image analysis software, or may be set up with a custom on-screen display of data on the analog NTSC/PAL video output. Customers are able to control these devices based on camera threshold data through built-in hardware alarms for measured temperature on the user-configured tools.

For more product specifications and features, download the datasheet.