Application Note

More Raman Wavelengths, More Choices: The Utility Of Raman Spectroscopy

Source: Ocean Optics, Inc.

By Ocean Optics

Raman spectroscopy plays a huge part in the analysis of materials such as explosives in the field, pharmaceutical ingredients in the lab, and changes in genetic material, proteins, and lipids in clinical settings. Utilizing non-elastic scattering of laser light from a molecule to probe the molecular structure and create a vibrational transition in the sample, a molecular fingerprint is gradually built up. There are multiple wavelength analysis selections that can be used for a wide variety of applications. This application note discusses the benefits of using each wavelength, and presents different applications they are used for. Download the full paper for more information on the options available for building the correct Raman system, as well as how to choose the best wavelength for specific applications.