The Ultimate Snapshot Imager For VIS/NIR/SWIR: GoldenEye™

Source: BaySpec Inc.
The Ultimate Snapshot Imager For VIS/NIR/SWIR: GoldenEye™

BaySpec offers the GoldenEye camera as the only snapshot hyperspectral imager covering VIS/NIR/SWIR (400 to 1100 nm) wavelengths. With FT-PI proprietary technology, this high-sensitivity imager is ideal for low-light applications.

The GoldenEye™ imager delivers one-shot operation with spectral resolution of 8 – 60 nm FWHM. Ideal applications include machine vision, fluorescence imaging, biomedical, and medical diagnostics.

Additional GoldenEye™ features include:

  • Number of Spectral Bands: Approx. 140
  • Spation Pixels: Approx. 648 x 488
  • Lens (Standard): 50mm (13 ° FOV)2
  • Multiple Lens Options
  • Factory Calibrated
  • Frame Rate: 1 frame/sec

Download the GoldenEye™ brochure for more features and specifications.

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