Newsletter | July 10, 2024

07.10.24 -- The Military And HSI | Understanding LiDAR | Precision Optics For Military Applications


The Use Of Hyperspectral Imaging By The Military

Hyperspectral imaging is used in many industries, including defense. The data mined from this process can be the difference between winning and losing a war.


LiDAR: Lasers Rule For Remote Distance Measurement

Autonomous vehicles, military ranging, atmospheric sensing, and traffic monitoring are just some of the applications for this versatile technique.

Remote Sensing With LiDAR Requires Optical Filter Trade-Offs

Engineers and designers working on lidar applications should consider critical filter issues early on.

Understanding LiDAR Filters

Some of the most important components of lidar sensors are the filters that isolate target signals, while preventing sunlight and other extraneous light from reaching the detector. A wide variety of applications and sensor types exist, from laser altimeters to Raman lidar systems.


How Smart Active Alignment Can Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Advancements in silicon photonics and smartphones have fueled the rapid growth of the LiDAR field, surprising experts in manufacturing, engineering, and innovation.

Precision Optics For Military Applications

This application note reviews a number of precision optics suitable for military applications, including corner cube retro-reflectors, integrator rods, mirrors, windows, and cube beamsplitters, as well as a wide variety of prisms.


Photodiodes Based On Silicon Expand The Usable Range In Measurement Technologies

Luxium Solutions, LLC Completes Acquisition Of Inrad Optics

New Shapes Of Photons Open Doors To Advanced Optical Technologies

Stretching The Limits: A New Method Maps Elasticity In 3D And Real-Time

Novel Design For Highly Sensitive, Fast High-Energy Photon Detector

'Acceleration Beats' Shine Bright Light On Novel Universal Modulation Regime

New Two-Photon Polymerization Technique Revolutionizes 3D Printing

Montana Tech To Develop Photonics Testbed Facility

Controlling Magnetism With Polarized Light

Mass Production Of Quantum Dot Lasers For Optical Communications Possible


Webinar: Designing Photonic Subsystems For LiDAR And Sensing

What should you consider when specifying components for an optically-based sensing subsystem? What are the challenges in designing these into a subsystem? Learn about developing subsystems and specifying components for manufacturing and assembly in this webinar.


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