High-Resolution Temperature and Strain Measurements: ODiSI (Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator)

Source: Luna Technologies, a Division of Luna Innovations Incorporated
Luna Technologies' Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator, ODiSI, is a new sensing product capable of providing fully distributed temperature and strain measurements data by using optical fiber as a continuous sensor. The ODiSI gathers data along the entire surface and allows the user to redefine the sensing point post processing. These features, not available with traditional static point sensors, provide advantages to industries where precise temperature and strain measurements are necessary for structural or mechanical testing.

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Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator: ODiSI Models A10 And A50 Datasheet

Fiber optic sensor technology now provides more insight into the performance, tolerances, and failure mechanisms of structures and vehicles and is being used more widely as demands for lighter, stronger, and safer structures continues to grow.

Designed with the most advanced fiber optic sensing technology, Luna's revolutionary ODiSI (Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator) provides industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and other composites industries a sensing solution that is rich in data, lightweight, robust, easy to install, and does not require expensive Fiber Bragg grating fiber.

"We are very excited about the announcement of our new sensing product," said Luna's CEO, My Chung. "We believe the ODiSI will raise the bar for test and measurement standards across multiple industries and enable our customers to optimize mechanical designs, decrease maintenance, and deliver next generation products."


  • 50 meter maximum sensing length
  • 5 mm spatial resolution
  • ± 1 µstrain and ± 0.1 °C accuracy with 1-cm gauge length
  • ± 15,000 µstrain with 50 meter version and ± 13,000 µstrain with 10 meter version


  • Multiple sensing points with a single connection
  • Easily deployed, inexpensive, disposable sensors
  • Lightweight and immune to EMI/RF interference
  • High definition sensing - 5mm spatial resolution
  • Simultaneous strain and temperature measurement with a single fiber sensor
  • User-configurable gauge length and sensing locations
  • Customize sensing points
  • Re-process stored data at a later time with more/different sensing points or higher spatial resolution


  • Load/fatigue/mechanical testing
  • Model and simulation validation
  • Design verification and optimization
  • Composite manufacturing and engineering
  • Structural Health Monitoring

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Click Here To Download:
Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogator: ODiSI Models A10 And A50 Datasheet