News | June 15, 2011

Telops Wins Contract To Upgrade The Telescope Of The Mont-Mégantic Observatory

Source: TELOPS
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Telops is proud to announce the award of a contract valued at $ 525,000 by Laval University for upgrading the telescope of the Mont-Mégantic Observatory in the CFI project "Enhancement of the Mont-Mégantic Observatory".

Telops, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Experimental Astrophysics, will design and integrate an autonomous control system that will significantly increase the imaging quality of the telescope in experiments requiring prolonged exposure of various astronomical cameras. The innovative system proposed by Telops will correct in real-time the misalignment of the telescope. It therefore compensates for imaging deformation due to atmospheric turbulence and thermo-mechanical deformations of the telescope while improving the performance of the precision guide system of the telescope. This important agreement reinforces Telops' position as an industry leader in optics and photonics.

"We are honored to have been selected as supplier for such an important project. The Mont-Mégantic Observatory comprises a telescope that is among the most versatile in the world, and is used by a large number of researchers. We are very excited to contribute, with our expertise in optics, to the improvement of the Mont-Mégantic Observatory so that it is even more attractive for potential international collaborations." says Paul Chabot, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Telops.

About Telops
Telops is a leading supplier of high performance infrared cameras and hyperspectral imaging systems for defence and security, environmental and industrial applications. Telops also offers R&D services for optical system technology development. In addition to providing specialized opto-electronic engineering services, Telops has also developed the new HD-IR 1280 High Definition Scientific Infrared Camera, the FAST-IR 1000, the first 1,000 FPS Infrared Camera, the TEL-1000, and the powerful Hyper-Cam providing information rich data for a wide variety of applications. With Telops Systems, you will detect, identify and quantify remote substances previously invisible.

About Mont-Mégantic Observatory and the Laboratory of Experimental Astrophysics
The Laboratory of Experimental Astrophysics and the Mont-Mégantic Observatory's mission is to meet the technological challenges posed by the design of effective instruments for a better understanding of the universe. They are part of the Quebec Astrophysics Research Centre. Recent technological developments offer new and exciting opportunities in astronomy. With the increasing complexity of modern technology, astronomy must enlist the expertise and skills of a team of managers, engineers, technicians and technologists. The technological problems are often a challenge for both the scientist and the engineer, and hence provide the ideal terrain to train students in applied physics and engineering. The Laboratory of Experimental Astrophysics and the Mont-Mégantic Observatory follow a project approach and therefore promote their mission of training experts in high-tech instrumentation for astronomy and space science. The Laboratory of Experimental Astrophysics focuses on the design, development and construction of astronomical and opto-mechanical equipment which are non-existent commercially. For its part, the objectives of the Mont-Mégantic Observatory are to facilitate the training of young researchers in astronomy and astrophysics, to contribute to astronomical research, and to encourage the development of astronomical research in the Quebec culture.