News | April 18, 2016

Telops Strengthens Its Position In Australia By Assigning "Applied Infrared Sensing" As A Distributor

Source: TELOPS

Telops, a company specialized in the design and manufacture of infrared cameras and hyperspectral imaging systems, is proud to announce the signing of a distribution agreement with an important partner: Applied Infrared Sensing. This will result in a strengthened position for Telops in the Australian and New Zealand market.

Applied Infrared Sensing has been working with infrared technologies since 1996 in Australia and overseas. Today, Applied Infrared Sensing provides both hyperspectral and thermal infrared solutions to an impressive number of governmental, private and academic organizations. Its quality of service has been recognized on numerous occasions, notably by the highly regarded Defence Recognised Supplier status.

With this partnership, Applied Infrared Sensing will be able to distribute Telops’ complete catalogue, which includes hyperspectral, multispectral, fast, high-dynamic-range, and high-definition infrared cameras.

Applied Infrared Sensing will also offer demonstrations of Telops products, as well as business meetings and seminars to anyone interested in Telops’ products and measurement services.

Telops is thrilled to be working with such an enthusiastic company.

Source: Telops