Telops Modular Cameras

Source: TELOPS
Telops Modular Cameras

Light, robust, and easy to operate, the new modular line from Telops is specifically designed to be integrated into complex optical systems. Available in MW or LW, this line of products allows you to get highly constrasted images for a large variety of applications, such as process control, monitoring, and surveillance.

The modular cameras feature high-performance electronics providing full-frame thermal images up to 200 Hz. They provide customizable automatic gain control adjustment, video detail enhancement, and auto-adaptive dynamic range filters to adjust to any type of mission. These camera modules have the capability to adjust to any type of system, and can thus communicate with a large selection of motorized optical systems. On request, Telops may also propose alternative IR detector options

For more specifications, as well as diagrams and images, download the brochure or check out the video.