News | July 5, 2016

Telops Announces A New Collaboration With Université de Reims

Source: TELOPS

Telops is pleased to announce its new partnership with Université de Reims, in France. Starting now, Telops will offer, in collaboration with Université de Reims, new measurement services to detect and characterize defects in a wide variety of materials using active infrared imaging.

‘‘We are very happy to be working with the infrared imaging team from Université de Reims,’’ says Jean Giroux, Telops’ President and CEO. ‘‘Their experience in nondestructive testing combined with our expertise in infrared imaging will surely be an asset for both our organizations.’’

Among the applications targeted by this new partnership are:


  • Corrosion & Cracks Detection
  • Forging Lap
  • Soldering joints

Building Industry:

  • Structural Defects Detection
  • Salt Detection
  • Insulation

Composite Materials:

  • Disbonding
  • Delamination
  • Damage in Fibers

Arts and Cultural Heritages:

  • Aging Process
  • Delamination
  • Cracks & Detachment

About Telops:

Since 2000, Telops specializes in the design and production of sophisticated optoelectronic, infrared systems for the environment, defense and security, and industrial and academic research. Telops produces a great variety of infrared and hyperspectral infrared cameras, among which are the fastest scientific infrared camera on the market (the FAST-IR) and the powerful Hyper-Cam, a hyperspectral camera that can detect, identify and quantify from a distance substances and material invisible to the naked eye.

Source: Telops