Synthetic Fused Silica: Spectrosil® 2000

Source: Heraeus Quartz America, LLC.

Spectrosil is a chlorine and bubble free synthetic fused silica ideal for deep UV optical applications. It features exceptional optical transmission in the deep ultraviolet and visible spectrums with a range from below 180 nm through 2000 nm.

Spectrosil® 2000 synthetic fused silica glass is manufactured using a patented and environmentally friendly process resulting in excellent purity and visual quality.

Bubbles and Inclusions:

  • Bubbles and Inclusion with ø ≤ 80 μm are not counted. Inclusion free down to 10 μm upon request.
  • Bubble class(DIN 58927): 0
  • Maximum number of inclusions: 0

Refractive Index Homogeneity:

  • ≤10 ppm – lower values upon request
  • Stress induced birefringence and optical homogeneity are valid for 80 % of the diameter of an ingot or for 90 % diameter of a machined component.


  • No fluorescence under 254 nm excitation

Additional information on the Spectrosil® 2000 synthetic fused silica glass can be found on the available datasheets.