Synthetic Fused Silica for High Optical Performance and High Power NIR Optics

Source: Heraeus Quartz America, LLC.

This high purity synthetic fused silica is suited for high energy lasers needing low absorption in the 900 nm to 1400 nm range, 190 nm to 3000 nm wide band applications with high transmission, and other broadband applications from UV to NIR requiring optimized material properties.

Suprasil 3001 high purity synthetic fused silica features no striations in all three dimensions, making it superior to striae class A according the MIL-G-174-B. This optically isotropic 3D-material is refined to produce a high degree of index homogeneity. All of these combined characteristics make this grade ideal for multiple axis optics like prisms, light pipes, beam splitters, etalons or retro-reflectors, and steep lenses requiring optimal performance under high power NIR laser use.

Suprasil 3002 ® high purity fused silica is homogeneous in its primary functional direction, and if weak striations are present, they are parallel to the major faces and do not impact optical performance.  Suprasil 3002 ® is ideally suited for windows and lenses requiring optimal performance under high power NIR laser use.

Both materials have low OH content (~1ppm OH) and nearly no OH absorption bands up to 2600 nm. This enables  optics with very low laser induced heating which is the driver for thermally induced focus shift.