Switchable Light Source: LaserLight SMD W-IR


The LaserLight SMD (Surface Mount Device) W-IR is the world’s first white light source that can be transformed into an IR emitter on demand. This laser offers a high range, narrow beam angled white light source, with outstanding properties in luminous flux (450 lumens) and luminance (1000 Mcd/m²). In IR operation, an output of 250 mW is achieved at wavelengths of 905 nm or 850 nm. 

Both emitters are housed on the same 7 mm x 7 mm chip. To facilitate PCB assembly, the chips are available on an optional starboard.  IR wavelengths are used primarily in professional security applications. In the future, the new video surveillance camera could automatically switch on the light as soon as any suspicious movement is detected. The light and motion sensor could be accommodated in the same device without complex cabling.

To learn more, download the available datasheet.