145 klps InGaAs Linescan Camera: 2048R

Source: Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace

145 klps InGaAs Linescan Camera:  2048R

The GL2048R SWIR InGaAs linescan camera’s high resolution, stability, and reliability make it ideal for OCT applications studying blood flow or large tissue volumes at 1.04, 1.32, and 1.55 µm. It features a 2048 x 1 pixel array with a 10 µm pitch and high QE from 0.99 µm to 1.65 µm.

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This camera’s ideal application area isn’t limited to just OCT. It can also be used for high-resolution spectroscopy of intense spectra, silicon wafer microscopy, SWIR machine vision of moving objects or parts, thermal MV imaging (greater than 150oC), and integrated circuit microscopy.

GL2048R SWIR InGaAs Linescan Camera Features:

  • Solid-state FPA with snapshot exposure
  • User controlled exposure and line period
  • Line rates from 0.1 k to 76 k lines per second or 10 k to >145 k lps
  • >1200 : 1 dynamic range in high gain
  • 4 gain/full-well choices
  • External triggering of line and exposure via Camera Link CC1 line
  • Low power < 3.3 W over 6-12 V

For additional information on features, specifications, opto-electronic performance and more, download the datasheet.

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