SWIR Imaging Camera for Advanced Research: Xeva-1.7-320

Source: Xenics

Xenics’ Xeva-1.7-320 digital camera combines a thermo-electrically cooled InGaAs detector head and the control and communication electronics in a compact housing. Single or three-stage Peltier cooling reduces the noise and dark current for enhanced low light-level imaging. The Xeva-1.7-320 combines standard (up to 1.7 µm) InGaAs detector arrays with various speed versions: 60 Hz, 100 Hz and 350 Hz. This allows you to choose the most suitable detector-camera configuration for applications including SWIR microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, laser beam profiling, low-light level imaging, semiconductor inspection, and medical applications.

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Xeva-1.7-320 Brochure: SWIR Imaging Camera for Advanced Research
Application Note: XEVA 1.7 320 TE3 For Low Light Level Imaging
Application Note: SWIR Microscopy

Xenics’ cooled and stable Xeva-1.7-320 provides excellent image quality for advanced research applications. CameraLink and triggering for high speed imaging allow the user to export real time data up to 350 fps. Synchronization with external sources is straightforward in triggered applications. Building an optional VISNIR sensor into the camera further extends spectral response into the visible range.


  • Extended coverage from SWIR into the visible range
  • High sensitivity for low-light conditions
  • Flexible and easy-to-use
  • Spectrograph compatible

Market applications

  • SWIR Microscopy
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Laser beam profiling
  • Low-light level imaging
  • Vision enhancement (automotive or airborne applications)
  • Semiconductor inspection
  • Imaging in SWIR range
  • On-line process control
  • Medical applications
  • Paper pulp processing
  • R&D (SWIR range)
  • High temperature thermography (300°C to 1200°C range)

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Xeva-1.7-320 Brochure: SWIR Imaging Camera for Advanced Research

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