Article | July 20, 2011

Article: SWIR For Target Detection, Recognition, And Identification

Source: Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems
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By James Kirschner, Goodrich ISR Systems.

Modern warfare dictates the necessity of proper employment of weapon systems and full accountability of the operators employing them. Whether reading about the ongoing effort of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, or the future efforts supporting the global war on terrorism (GWOT), civilian casualties is a topic that will dominate the headlines.

The fog of war can impede the positive identification (PID) process used to discriminate enemy targets from innocent civilians and/or friendly troops. Historically, the enemy has used false claims of civilian casualties to further their cause. A tool in combating these claims is the use of imaging platforms. These platforms not only identify enemy targets, but can also refute any weapon employments utilizing solid battle damage assessment (BDA) video footage.

Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems