SuperGamut UV-SWIR Spectrometer

Source: BaySpec Inc.
SuperGamut UV-SWIR Spectrometer

The SuperGamutTM UV-SWIR spectrometer is designed to provide high resolution spectral data through the 190-2500 nm spectral range, while maintaining excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The UV-SWIR spectrometer features a ruggedized, compact size, low-cost, field proven components, and has no moving parts for high efficiency and reliability.

Utilizing highly efficient Volume Phase Gratings (VPG®) as its spectral dispersion element, the SuperGamutTM UV-SWIR offers high-speed parallel processing and continuous spectrum measurements. These spectral engines are ideal for a wide variety of applications including biochemical, chemical analysis, color/dyes, dissolution, environmental, multicomponent analysis, and proteins.

Key SuperGamutTM UV-SWIR Features:

  • Spectral range of 190 nm to 2500 nm
  • f/2 design for outstanding optical throughput
  • Real-time spectral data acquisition with fast millisecond response time
  • Factory calibrated for long-life and low-maintenance

For more features, specifications, and ordering information, download the datasheet.