SuperGamutTM Benchtop

Source: BaySpec Inc.
SuperGamutTM Benchtop

The SuperGamutTM Benchtop is a turn-key system incorporating spectrometers, light sources, and sampling optics, and designed to cover the 190-2500 nm wavelength range. With highly efficient holographic Volume Phase Gratings (VPG®) as the spectral dispersion element, and an ultra-sensitive InGaAs detector, these spectral engines are able to provide high-speed parallel processing and continuous spectral measurements.

The SuperGamutTM benchtop spectrometers feature soft (-20°C), deep-cooling (-60°C) or water-cooled (-90°C) cooling options, fast f/2 or f/3 optics for improved throughput with fiber input, and no moving parts. The spectral engine offers fiber or free-space input options, and utilizes the Spec 20/20 Windows-based software for turn-key operation. Typical fields of application include pharmaceuticals, agriculture, beverage & brewery, explosives detection, water and food safety, law enforcement, and homeland security.

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