SuperGamut™ Spectrometer Series

Source: BaySpec Inc.
SuperGamut™ Spectrometer Series

The SuperGamut™ Spectrometers are part of the Silicon CCD spectrometer series covering the VIS-NIR (400 nm to 1100 nm) wavelength range, and the UV-NIR (190 nm to 1080 nm) wavelength range. These spectrometers utilize a highly efficient Volume Phase Grating (VPG®) as the spectral dispersion element, and employ an ultra-sensitive CCD array detector as the detection element. With these elements, the spectral engines are able to provide high-speed parallel processing and continuous spectral measurements.

The SuperGamut™ spectrometers are optimally cooled for low light detection, have a user settable spectral data acquisition response time, maintain outstanding optical throughput with its f/3 design, and carry no moving parts. The spectral engine also has control electronics that read out processed digital signals for extracting required information. The SuperGamut™ series may be used for a vast amount of applications including colorimetry, fluorescence, photoluminescence, medical diagnostics, cosmetics, counterfeit detections, food safety, and more.

Download the available datasheets for more features, specifications, and applications for the SuperGamut™ Spectrometers.

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