News | December 12, 2019

Stuart Singer Becomes New CEO Of Schneider Optics, Inc.

We are proud to announce that Mr. Stuart Singer is rejoining Schneider Optics, Inc. (SOI) based in Hauppauge, New York as CEO starting December 16, 2019.

Stuart will be responsible for the performance of SOI by keeping a close relationship to our customers, developing the communication and partnership with current customers to ensure a sustainable growth as well as identifying and developing new businesses and customers in order to generate sustainable new opportunities. Stuart will ensure a close coordination and cooperation with the Group leadership in Germany as well as with the Board of Directors.

Stuart Singer: Upon rejoining SOI, my vision is to optimize the recognition and standing of Schneider in the areas of Industrial Optics, Cine-Optics and the Optical Filter industry, enhancing the image of Schneider as a leader in superior and innovative optical and mechanical performance both in design and technology.

Over the next five years I am looking forward to building the top technical sales staff where we can enhance our standing and take the forefront in optical solutions and applications.

Heiko Kober, CEO of Jos. Schneider Optische Werke in Germany (mother company of SOI): We are glad to have Stuart back. With his vast experience in the optical industry together with his profound technical knowledge, he will be an essential strengthening not only for SOI but also for the whole Schneider Group. We wish him all the best for his start and are looking forward to a successful cooperation!

Stuart who has a degree in Physics from the Ohio State University and a degree in Physics/Optics from Hofstra University started his career at Loral Fairchild Imaging Systems in Syosset, NY managing the Optical Engineering & Optical Fabrication Departments with emphasis on the design and fabrication of optical systems for Space and Defense.

In April 1994 he joined Schneider Optics, Inc. as Senior Vice President and CTO. Together with Dwight Lindsay, he started and developed the MPTV Filter Division and engineered the original filters (design and fabrication tolerances) and also added in the development of the manufacturing process.

For the last two years, Singer served as the Senior Technical Director of Ruda Cardinal, Inc., a leader in design and the building of the most complex and intricate optical designs.

In his 40 years Stuart Singer has gained considerable recognition as an Optical Engineer and Lens Designer and is more than familiar with fabrication and optical system design. His overall thorough management experience adds to his extensive technical sales experience in the optical applications for Machine and Robotic Vision, Military Reconnaissance, Spaceborne Optical Systems, Industrial/ Commercial and Motion Picture/Television Industries.

Stuart has authored numerous optical engineering articles which have been published worldwide. He gives lectures, presentations and teachings at major corporations and symposiums. Stuart is also one of the recipients of the 2012 National Emmy Award for his contributions in the development of an IRND Filter for Digital Motion Picture Cameras. Singer is also a Senior Member of the Optical Engineering Society - SPIE.

Source: Schneider Optics, Inc.