Live From Photonics West 2012: STS Microspectrometer Demo

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Yvette D. Mattley, Ph.D., of Ocean Optics demonstrates the STS microspectrometer, which was developed with the OEM in mind and can be integrated into a handheld instrument. It achieves optical resolution of ~1.5 nm (FWHM) with a 25 µm slit and is suited for applications such as LED characterization and absorbance/transmission measurements.

Video Transcript

Yvette Mattley: Hi, I'm Yvette Mattley, senior applications scientist at Ocean Optics and I'm here at Photonics West 2012 with Photonics Online to tell you about some of our new products. We're very excited to be here this year. One of the questions we're most often asked in our booth is what's new. And the great news is this year, we have a lot of new stuff to show and we're very excited to show it to everyone who's here.

I'm standing next to our STS demo and this is a great example of our efforts recently to expand and strengthen our product line. So the STS is one example. We've also done it with a number of our other products we have. So what I'm showing here is our STS Microspectrometer, which was developed with the OEM in mind, great product for integrating into a handheld instrument or to your own instrumentation. What we've done is strengthen this product line and expanded it to include UV versions. So we can now go down to 190 nanometers and also VIS versions.

So what we're actually showing here is the STS making a number of measurements. And the benefit of having such a small footprint spectrometer is you can have several of them set up and running off at the same time. So we've got a demo here that is showing our STS looking at a red OEM laser module.

So the STS is great for laser characterization. We've got another STS that's doing some visible measurements of solutions and STS as well looking at UV. So this small footprint has incredible performance for such a small size and also has the capability to do a whole range of different types of measurements.

So similar to the STS, we've had other products which we expanded based on customer feedback. Customers told us what they wanted and that's what we went back and spent the last year doing. We've got new versions of our Maya Pro Spectrometer to have enhanced sensitivity in the VIS NIR region. These would be great for RAMAN measurements with peak quantum efficiency of a thousand nanometers.

We have new versions of our QE 65000, the QE 65 Pro, which has taken into account many of the advancements that we developed when we made the Torres spectrometer, which has ultra-low stray light. We now incorporated these in to the QE 65 Pro, again based on customer feedback to further strengthen that product line and give us an expanded portfolio with offerings that were not available previously.

So that's just a quick touch on what we've got here at the booth. We're looking forward to talking with everyone here. Ocean Optics is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and we're very excited. We've seen the business grow from the first miniature modular spectrometer that we developed 20 years ago to these microspectrometers with unprecedented performance capabilities. So we thank you very much. We love our customers. We're so glad to have the opportunity to meet with them and thank you for letting us participate in this Photonics Online. We appreciate it.