News | September 5, 2008

StockerYale, Inc. Introduces New Lasiris™ PureBeam Laser For Biomedical Applications

SALEM, N.H.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- StockerYale, Inc. (NASDAQ: STKR), a leading designer and manufacturer of structured light lasers, LED modules and specialty optical fibers for industrial OEMs, medical and defense markets, today introduced a new temperature-stabilized fiber-coupled laser to its existing laser product line. The new addition to the Lasiris™ laser series, the PureBeam, is intended for bioinstrumentation applications, including flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, bio-detection, DNA sequencing as well as other high-end applications.

"The introduction of PureBeam highlights continued execution on our medical device strategy and underscores the technological advantages of our product offering," stated Mark W. Blodgett, Chairman and CEO of StockerYale, Inc. "The biomedical markets holds significant opportunities for our laser technology and the introduction of our new PureBeam laser in 405nm reinforces our commitment to leveraging this core competency to generate an increasing portion of our revenues from this vertical in fiscal 2008 and beyond."

Offered in a wide ranger of wavelengths, including 375, 405, 440, 635, 660 and 830nms, and manufactured in StockerYale's Class 100 clean room environment, the PureBeam features a single-mode polarization maintaining optical fiber delivery system and provides excellent power stability and low optical noise at the fiber exit. In addition, the unit is temperature stabilized with a thermoelectric cooler that maintains a constant laser diode temperature, resulting in excellent wavelength and output power stabilities.

"375nm and 405nm are key wavelengths in many bio-instrumentation applications, affording the PureBeam greater entrée into this high-growth, high-margin vertical," stated Nicolas Cadieux, General Manager of StockerYale Canada. "Beam quality is also exceptional, which is necessary for these types of high-end applications. Further, as coupling stability is critical to maintaining stable output power, our welding technology offers this stability with no hysteresis."

For applications requiring uniform flat-top illumination, the PureBeam laser can be seamlessly integrated with our line of patented StockerYale Flat-Top Generators, an innovative refractive beam shaper that converts a Gaussian beam to flat-top with almost no optical loss. The Flat-Top Generator is compatible with UV, visible and near-IR laser sources.

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