News | March 27, 2013

STEM And LASER Safety In The Classroom


In response to the rapidly growing field of Photonics, Laser Classroom is releasing a STEM curriculum guide for grades 7 – 12 entitled Bringing STEM to Light. The curriculum guide will accompany the firm’s revolutionary Laser Blox product. Structured with four lessons and an engineering project, the curriculum guide explains the “why” versus rote memorization of LASER safety rules.

The curriculum guide uses an easy-to-follow format that contains overview and student milestone markers as well as tracking the student’s movement from concrete to abstract thinking.

“Photonics is the perfect field for STEM education because it inherently involves every STEM subject: science, technology, engineering and math,” Colette DeHarpporte, Laser Classroom Founder, states. “Because it naturally integrates these subjects, it offers a practical and relevant context for teaching and learning. The curriculum provides experiences and analysis even for those students who did not master skills in or simply play with technology at a young age. The activities build on each other to fast-track students through key foundational experiences to build both a depth and breadth of genuine scientific understanding.”

Bringing STEM to Light is available now at:, Amazon and select science education retailers. $29.99. For a limited time only, FREE with the purchase of any 3 pack of Laser Blox.

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SOURCE: Laser Classroom